Grand Tasting Entertainment, 2019

Carolina Story

It’s rare you find a married music duo that adheres to none of the married-duo-cliches. Carolina Story write and perform songs, knowing that there are enough love songs on earth. They evoke the blue collar man and woman, because that’s exactly who they are. From their genesis, they have crafted their sound to be a perfect mix of the lyrical grit and wit of Hank Williams Sr. and the tender atmosphere of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams. Carolina Story (Ben and Emily Roberts) are from Arkansas and South Dakota respectively, meeting and falling in love in Memphis, Tennessee, setting up shop in East Nashville and making a name for themselves in every state in between.

Since 2009, they have been hard at work touring, writing and putting out music they believe in; each release astonishingly better than the last. After playing in excess of 1,000 shows in 43 states in the last six years, making several appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and slowing down a bit to become Mom and Dad to son, Wilder, and daughter, Lily, they broke back into the Americana scene in a big way in 2017, signing as Black River Entertainment’s initial act to their new Black River Americana imprint, and are poised for a breakout 2018.

Carolina Story’s debut album on Black River Americana is set to be released in late Summer of 2018. The project titled “Lay Your Head Down,” is an amalgamation of the most well-crafted gems from nearly a decade of songwriting on the road. In it, you can hear the euphoria in the way their voices rise and merge. Ben, dusky, dusty and earthy; Emily, sunny, velvety, lush. Carolina Story is the rapture of being young, gifted and willing.





Wild Blue Yonder

Since the band’s inception in 2001, Wild Blue Yonder has broken new ground in the acoustic roots music realm with a roadkill anthem, two top-selling CD releases and airplay on more than 60 stations in the U.S. and abroad, including WDVX and WIVK in Knoxville. They have performed for enthusiastic crowds in North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi and Virginia, as well as East Tennessee. The group was also among select regional artists featured on a compilation CD celebrating the Mast General Store’s 125th anniversary in 2010 with their self-penned tale of lasting love, “Love So True.” Opening for Tommy Emmanuel at Knoxville’s “Autumn on the Square,” The Museum of Appalachia’s Tennessee Fall Homecoming, Kingsport’s “Celebrate our Appalachian Heritage” show, and numerous sold-out performances at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center are among Wild Blue Yonder’s highlights.

Josh Cottrell

Josh Cottrell has recently gained a steady following after being featured in Knoxville, Tennessee’s Market Square Summer Concert Series, as well as gaining a spot on one of the extremely popular alexrainbird Music YouTube compilations.

The 26 year-old, Knoxville native loves to tell a story with his music.

“Love, heartbreak, and relationships are all universal topics.” He said, “It’s easier for me to write songs about those things, things I’ve felt or personally experienced, but recently, I have been pushing myself to start thinking outside of the box. On this latest album, I was creating characters and perspectives completely separate from myself.”

That effort was definitely reflected in the 2017 album “Making My Own Way.” Songs like “The Captain” and “Lie to Me” take a step outside the songwriter’s perspective and create an enticing world of their own.

Josh is currently working on his first cover EP called ‘Under the Covers’, due to be released fall 2018. Fans can expect a unique take on crowd favorites like “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift and “Issues” by Julia Micheals. Listeners can find Josh’s music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and other digital music outlets. You can also catch Josh on his facebook live series, “Josh Ruins Pop Songs”; follow his facebook page to stay informed.